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Classical Cadillac (either Aluminum or Maple Wood frame)

Our Cadillacs (both aluminum or wood) are based on Joe Pilates’ original designs and concepts. Both the base frame as well as the tubular structure (trapeze frame) are extremely robust and will provide a lifetime of trouble free, safe and comfortable operation. All our springs also conform to the original specifications, helping you to achieve the desired results in the shortest time frame. All Cadillacs are supplied with a Maple Push-thru bar, a Maple Rollback bar, an upholstered spread-eagle bar (kunha board), sheepskin hanging loops, hanging (sliding) trapeze bar, and all the necessary springs, safety clips and straps.

Dimensions: 86” L x 26” W x 82-1/2” H. Custom sizes available. Choice of 90 colors. Optional: Airplane Footbar, Sliding bar for leg springs, extra eye hooks, Push Thru Bar without Flat Segment.

Basic Price - Aluminum or Maple Wood (Local Delivery or Pick-up): $4,350.00
Packed (For Truck or Air): $4,650.00

Shipping: Call or E-mail for exact rates
Lead Time for Large Composite USA orders: 6 weeks
Lead Time for Large Composite International Orders: 8 weeks

Cost for Additional Items:
Walnut/Maple (2 tone) Wood Frame: $495.00

Airplane Board: $100.00

Sliding Spring Bar: $275.00

Composite orders of multiple items will qualify for special discounts. (Contact us for further details).