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The impetus for the exciting launch of this new enterprise sprung out of years of dedicated commitment to fitness in general - Pilates in particular.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my relationship with all my clients in the Pilates community for the past two decades, so many of whom are now personal friends. Over the years I have earned the respect of so many of the foremost figures in the Pilates world including leaders of the very best teaching and certifying institutions, associations that speak for the Pilates community, and the very best and most proficient instructors, both in the USA and around the world.

Being a successful entrepreneur, I decided to pursue my future in a more independent and productive way as soon as an opportunity arose. This allows me to offer a very focused and personal commitment. The advantage of personal fitness has become an enduring element in today’s world, extending way beyond an optional endeavor, becoming an essential part of our ability to cope with the pressures of daily life, and creating the opportunity for greater pleasure and fulfillment.

My career history includes owning and operating a large manufacturing company, specializing in highest quality wood and metal office furniture and office seating.

After immigrating to the USA, I continued to utilize the skills and experience that I had amassed, and managed a highly successful company operating in office furniture and office wall partitions. My next move was into the Pilates world. This decision was prompted by my absolute commitment to fitness, my understanding that compression-type regimens were in many ways harmful, and my realization that the undeniable benefits of Pilates, its use of stretching, its low impact movement and its focus on core strength would soon begin to dominate the fitness world.

My strong commitment to fitness began when I was in my early twenties, soon after discovering that I was stricken with a debilitating ailment which had claimed the life of my father when he was 52. This drove me to developing my strength and fitness with an ardent zeal, with the purpose of preparing for any potential future fight for survival. I became so passionate about this endeavor, working out 7 days a week, even attempting a 1000 mile bicycle tour to be completed in 7 days. I later became a fitness trainer, conducting regular group cardio walking classes through Central Park, New York.

My feared fight with my hereditary illness ultimately occurred and it was largely because of my strength and fitness that I was able to endure the surgery and treatment that I had to undergo. With my ongoing commitment to fitness, I was able to restore my health to the level at which I could continue to enjoy life and take advantage of the opportunities offered me all of which I now feel ready to embrace.

My commitment to all who take the time to read this brief outline of the reasons for my motivation to embark on this exciting venture is simple and strong: my team and I will continue to deliver the very best Pilates equipment that we are able to craft in the most efficient and courteous manner. We intend never to be surpassed in the quality or support that we will provide to the community for which I maintain the highest respect and admiration. Additionally, I am fortunate to have teamed up with Panos C. Adamopoulos and Sylvia Fuster Adamopoulos, Founders of Universal Designs, Inc., one of the most successful wood working companies in the Tri-State area for over 25 years. They have complete knowledge and experience in producing our new line. 
Basil Blecher
Pilates Designs By Basil
Panos C. Adamopoulos, MBA, Founder and Owner of Universal Designs, Inc. since 1984. Universal Designs specializes in the design and manufacture of high end custom furniture to the commercial industry. After several years of manufacturing the complete line of wooden apparatus for Gratz Industries, he teamed up with Basil Blecher to form Pilates Designs by Basil, LLC in 2008, where he serves as partner and Vice President.
Sylvia Fuster Adamopoulos, Co-owner of Universal Designs, Inc., since 1984, is a partner in Pilates Designs by Basil, (PDB). She brings to PDB 15 years of administrative, organizational and interpersonal skills - the accumulation of experience acquired from her previous position, where she headed the New York offices of Victor Posner, Chairman and CEO of several Fortune 500 companies.